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What is the Best Way to install a Fence Post?

Installing a Fence Post in Ottawa


As the installation of the posts is the most important part of building a fence our customers are very inquisitive on the subject.   In this article we will answer the most common questions we get about fence post installation.

How deep do you dig the holes for the posts?

To set our posts properly we dig down 48 inches which is well below the frost line here in Ottawa.

The frost line in Barrhaven is said to be about 34″, how they have  determined this is not certain.

The display of rocks shows just how difficult digging a post hole can be in Kanata

This was some hard digging conditions in Kanata


Do you use sono tubes when setting the posts?

Generally speaking we don’t use sono tubes when installing a fence post. Sono tubes are designed as a removable cylindrical  concrete form.

When end you dig a hole for a fence post the walls of that hole will act as you concrete form holding the concrete. You could use a sono tube however you wouldn’t be gaining anything in doing so. In order to get a sono tube in the hole you would have to make the hole slightly lager. When the tube is inserted there would then be a cavity in between the hole and the tube. If you were to fill that cavity with dirt that dirt would settle which may cause the sono tube to shift. So for it to not settle you would use concrete which then makes the sono tube of no useful value.

On occasion we do use them when it’s appropriate. One example would be if we were also landscaping the yard and were excavating we would use sono tubes to raise the concrete up which would require a form (sono tube). So this way when we do the landscaping later and raise the grade the fence post won’t be so far into the soil.

Hopefully this answers your questions. If you do have any questions on this topic or and other questions related to fencing feel free to comment or give us a call

White cedar fence posts will be ready to install the panels once the concrete sets

Fence posts we installed in 1 day which is usually the case

Fencing in Ottawa – Different Fence Products

What Fencing Product to Choose?

As a fence building contractor based in Ottawa we can tell you what your options are here in the city.  There is a wide variety of fencing products to choose from here in the Ottawa Valley and we install them all.  In this post we will go through all the different products explain the pros and cons as well as the associated price (these are not quoted prices). Hopefully this info will help you in your decision.  First of all would be the least expensive and least attractive………

Chain Link Fencing

  • This type of fencing in our eyes is the least attractive, however it does serve it’s own purpose.
  • Generally used only as security and provides absolutely no privacy
  • It’s commonly used where long fence lines are required and privacy is not a concern
  • Pricing would start at $18/linear foot
  • It also comes in a variety of colors:  galvanized, black, green, brown or white

Pressure Treated – Wood Fence


  • There are many different styles to choose from when building a wood fence.  Most common would be a privacy fence (as pictured above) or good neighbor/shadow box style, quite often lattice is added to the top of the fence for visual purposes only.
  • Pressure treated wood is a preserved wood made to last approximately 20 years, with a wooden fence some regular maintenance will be required.
  • This type of wood can be stained or sealed if you wish to do so but it is not required as the wood is already treated
  • It’s one of the most popular types of residential fence because of the lower cost and that it is a privacy fence.
  • Pricing would start at $26/linear foot

Western Red Cedar Fencing – Wood Fencing


  • This is our favorite type of fence and the picture above should tell you why……It’s absolutely beautiful
  • As it is a wood product it’s available in all the same styles as the pressure treated product.
  • Not only do we offer Western Red Cedar but Eastern White Cedar as well
  • Cedar is a product that should last at least 20 years, it is recommended that you stain or seal this product to maintain the beautiful appearance.  With that said you can also let it grey if that’s the look you want to achieve.
  • This is also a popular type of fence which is acquired by it’s beauty.
  • Some regular maintenance will be required.
  • Pricing starts at $33/linear foot

Iron Fences


  • The most elegant of the fencing family.  Perfectly suited for any climate.  Although it doesn’t provide any privacy it’s looks will charm you into relaxation.
  • All iron fences we install are quality long lasting products with minimum 20 year warranty on the paint.  A quality iron fence is powder coated and not painted.
  • There are various styles to choose from that will definitely suit your taste.  Many colors are available: black, white, copper vein, silver vein……
  • This is a maintenance free product with the exception of adjust the gate hings every few years.
  • Pricing starts at $45/linear foot

PVC/Vinyl Fences


Becoming more popular for it’s maintenance free properties is a definite consideration for every homeowner.

  • All of our PVC Fence products have a 25 year manufacturers warranty.  We only install quality long lasting products, no cheap imports!
  • PVC Fence comes in a variety of styles however the style in the picture above is most common.
  • Pricing for this product starts at $40/linear foot4

Sim Tek Fences

Fencing Ottawa

  • This is a plastic product and not to be mistaken as a PVC product
  • Most likable for it’s natural stone looking appearance
  • This is one of the best fencing products on the market
  • This product starts at $70 per linear foot


*  Not to reader, we apologize for the cut and dry blog post the next post will be interesting & exciting.