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Innovative Stone Decks in Ottawa

Ottawa Paver Deck under construction

In this picture you can see the simplicity of the system and how similar it is to framing with wood.

In Ottawa, most people wouldn’t think of a deck as being finished with a concrete product. Though modern engineering a breaking product has been developed…..paver deck! This deck system is constructed 100% out of galvanized steel that will out last any wood or alternative product. With this product any shape, size or height is easily achievable and anything that could be accomplished with traditional wood deck can also be done with the paver deck system. Paver deck is the only lifetime deck!

The paver deck system is developed and produced in Canada and is sold throughout North America. The structure has gone through the channels and is recognized and approved by all North American Building Codes. The product is also a premier choice of our favorite contractor Mike Holmes and featured on his show “Mike Holmes Make It Right”.

As you can see in the TV series links below you’re not the only ones that are absolutely amazed with this deck structure.

Lawn and Order – Mike Holmes Make It Right.  In this episode the Paver Deck team install a second story deck with their patented structure.

If The Shoe Fits – Mike Holmes Make It Right.  In this episode the Paver Deck team installs a new low structured deck.

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Cost…Wouldn’t a steel deck frame cost more than a wood frame?


Ottawa Stone Deck

The colors of this stone deck make a beautiful forever lasting contrast

This is one of the questions we get asked most often. There are other systems in Ottawa that use a traditional wood frame with a plastic grating system and the paver deck system is the same price and in some cases the cost would be less as the steel structure allows for fewer deck footings. By using steel, the maximum spans for beams are increased as well as the cantilever distance which means we can design with more distance between footings.

Warranty…What is manufacturers guarantee?

Interlock deck located in Ottawa

Laying the pavers over the geotextile cloth

While competing products will only offer a partial warranty and not warranty the wood structure that supports it, paver deck offers a full 30 year warranty on the structure. A wood frames life is generally about 15 years and in most cases needs repair after 10 years. When you install a paver deck in Ottawa you should consider this as an investment, while an Ottawa wood deck frame would actually be an expense as you will be replacing that in the future.

What are the benefits of building a paver deck in Ottawa?


Steel Paver Deck

This picture demonstrates how low you can go. The beams are actually burried under the ground in this picture.

There are many benefits to building a Ottawa paver deck using this system that may not seem immediately obvious to the homeowner.

A deck made with stone and steel

A beautifully finished paver deck.


A paver deck adds a natural feel to a deck


Stone deck in Ottawa

The color contrast on this Paver Deck makes an exciting atmosphere to its backyard

G90 Galvanized Coating. All structural components have a galvanized coating ensuring that the steel structure will never rust and last as long as your house. G90 means there’s 0.9 ounces of coating per square foot which is the recommended coating thickness by industry standards for exterior use.

No bows, twisting, cupping or crowns. Steel is perfectly formed being straight without all the imperfections of wood. This makes things a lot easier when it comes time you build the frame. Pressure treated wood is also dimensional which means that the manufacturers allow for tolerances in quality usually being +/- 1/8″. So from one piece of wood to the next you could be looking at 1/4″ difference which is a big deal when you’re making a structure to be perfect. Steel on the other hand has tolerances that aren’t measurable with a standard tape.

Strength. Steel is much stronger than wood which gives us more design flexibility. The strength also allows for longer spans between beams as well as a longer cantilever with beams. This may not sound like it is much of an advantage but this flexibility could mean that we would have to put it less footings and reduce the labour costs to build.

Concrete Products. The combination of using stone with steel creates a forever lasting product. Putting stone on a deck is still for most people still doesn’t seem possible as they aren’t totally informed on advanced products. In the Ottawa area we have many different concrete product suppliers with the main companies being TechoBloc and Permacon.  The paver deck creates possibilities not economically achievable with traditional interlocking stone practices.

Dry Space. A dry space is easily created under a elevated deck by using a common roofing membrane which creates a leak proof seal on top of the steel structure. This is much more economical in comparison to other dry space systems for a traditional wood joist structure.

Design. Using the paver deck system gives us design advantages allowing us flexibility when it comes to the structure. Paver deck can also be cut and shaped into any configuration, so let your imagination run wild.

Maintenance. There is virtually no maintenance other than a regular cleaning. You will never have to stain or replace any part of this deck for 30 years saving you valuable time & money.

Made Right Here. This decking system was developed and is manufactured in Canada. The steel used in the manufacturing process was made with 95% recycled material making it a most definite green product.

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