Ottawa Steel Deck Framing

Forever Deck Framing in Ottawa!  Protect your Investment!

A custom steel deck frame in Ottawa should be considered as an addition to your home for you to enjoy forever without causing you structural stress.  A steel deck frame will be there forever and is to be considered as an investment that will add value to your home.  Steel deck framing in Ottawa has many advantages and should be considered when designing any new deck installation.  We also offer a steel deck system for stone decks called paver deck which has a 30 year manufacturers structural warranty.

But, what is the cost of a steel deck frame compared to a wood frame?

The material costs for a steel deck frame are greater than those of a wood frame.  However, in most cases there are less footings required which reduces the cost on that part which often accounts for the extra cost of the steel materials.  When looking as the cost of a steel deck frame what you would be buying is a value product that will outlast the life of your home.


How does the work with the City of Ottawa building permits?

The City of Ottawa requires any non pre-engineered steel deck framing to be designed by an engineer.  This may sound like it’s expensive however most deck require a City of Ottawa building permit to start with so the adjustment in price is minimal.  We have engineers that we work with on a regular basis for design & permits of deck structures.  Our engineering team ensures that your deck is safe and will last the test of time.

Is there any welding required on site?

Attachments are made using proper load rated screws using special connectors designed for steel joist systems, so there is no welding required for this system.  Pieces required are usually ordered to specific sizes to reduce the amount of cutting on site.


Can we design a deck the same as a wood deck frame?

Most definitely!  We can build any shape or size using steel deck framing, using steel also gives us tremendous design advantages given the properties of steel.  We can alter specifications of the steel such as thickness (guage), height and flange width that will give us different strengths of the material.


How long will a steel deck frame last?

We use a G90 galvanized steel which will last as long as your house.  Usually a steel deck frame is often used with composite decks but if you wanted a cedar deck, your deck frame will always be there when it comes time to replace the cedar.  This will significantly reduce the replacement cost when the cedar had run it’s life.  We also offer another steel deck product that uses interlocking pavers as the finish called paver deck.


TREX Elevations.

TREX Elevations is a steel deck framing system developed by TREX.  We do often use this product in certain situations, we would use this product in situations where the framing was exposed and the customer doesn’t want to see the bare steel.  They put a powder coat brown finish so you don’t see the metal.  With the TREX Elevations they don’t give you the option to change the aspects of the product (guage or flange width) which limits design flexability.  This still is a good product which we do use from time to time but it is also more expensive as it is a retail product with an extra finish added.


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