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Wood fences are an excellent choice in Ottawa as they are generally less expensive than the new maintenance free PVC fence .  Wooden fences are also an excellent privacy fence as they are usually built for privacy whereas a chain link fence or iron fence don’t provide any privacy.  Wood fences are usually built using 4X4 posts however if you use a larger post it will increase the life span of the fence post being installed.  We do recommend that if you are installing a fence that is 7’ or higher that you use a 6X6 post.  The more you increase the height of a fence the more force the fence will be under and that is why we suggest a larger fence post.  It is also suggested that using a 6X6 as apposed to a 4X4 will add 10 years to the life span of the post.

Generally speaking a wooden fence can be built in any style you would like.  There are two styles that are most common here in Ottawa:  Privacy aka sandwich or Good neighbor aka board on board.  It is also quite common to add lattice on top of the fence using a wood lattice or even a nice iron fence topper.

  • We also build custom lattice privacy screens…..contact us

Cedar Fences

Cedar Fence Neighbor Side Gate - OttawaWe offer 2 different cedar fencing products:  Eastern White Cedar or Western Red Cedar.  It’s debatable in what product will last the longest……..the argument is that Eastern White Cedar will last longer as Ottawa is it’s native territory.  What we will say is that Western Red Cedar looks better and that we also prefer to install it.  White cedar is a little less expensive than red cedar.  Cedar (both white & red) are available in a tongue & groove format.  In terms of pricing a cedar fence is more expensive than a pressure treated fence but less expensive than a PVC fence.  The only disadvantage to a cedar fence is that you have to stain/seal it or it will become grey and brittle over time.  However, if you are going to a country looking fence than some people let it go grey as they like the aged look of the wood.

Our western red cedar is all premium grade which comes from The Wood Source located in Greely, just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa.  Our eastern white cedar comes from Lanark Cedar which is located in Carleton Place.


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Pressure Treated Fencing

Pressure treated wood is a natural wood which has been treated with a chemical that poses little health effects to preserve the wood and make it last longer.  A pressure treated fence can also be stained or painted if you do not like the look of the pressure treated wood.  It is recommended that you don’t stain or paint until the wood has reach it’s desired moisture level.


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