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All of the PVC fence products we install are quality products available in Ottawa.  A PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a sort of plastic fence which is resistant to rot.  A quality PVC fence will last a lifetime,  all of our products have a 25 year manufacturers warranty which includes fading and structural failure.  You can paint a PVC fence if you wish but there is no need to as the color will never fade.  With a maintenance free fence you will have that much more time to enjoy your beautiful Ottawa summer.  Here are a list of the products which we install:

Gorilla Fence 

Made by Tuff Fence, this is a quality product with slight manufacturing differences from Tuff Fence.  This is a hurricane rated product that come in white, tan & adobe.  It’s available in the standard PVC fence styles.

Tuff Fence

Being the most popular PVC fence product you are guaranteed to have a quality forever product.  In the Tuff Fence there are several different style options available.  Please have a look at their website to view the styles.  www.tuff-fence.com   The Tuff Fence product has a H-shaped post with a steel insert in every post for added strength.

BuffTech by CertainTeed

CertainTeed - CertaGrain - Color OptionsAnother quality PVC product that offer many styles including picket and ranch style fences.  Also offered by CertainTeed is the high end CertaGrain line, it is an authentic wood grain PVC.  It’s available in many different colors that will match just about anything you would like.  Being a high end product it is the most expensive PVC product on the market.  All BuffTech products come with aluminum inserts in the rails.  Have a look at their website for a better idea of the styles available http://www.certainteed.com/products/fence-railing-deck/fence/bufftech#

SimTek Fencing

SimTek Fence in OttawaSimTek is a stone looking Polyethylene plastic, not a PVC fencing product.  This is a very durable hurricane rated fence that will last a lifetime.  All fence panels have galvanized inserts, the posts have galvanized steel moulded into the posts.  The installation of a SimTek fence is a little different from every other fence as you cannot cut the top of the fence posts, to they have to be set the appropriate height.

This is a maintenance free product that also works as a sound barrier and is graffiti friendly.  With a fence that can withstand a 100 MPH wind, your fence will stand forever in the Ottawa climate.  It’s available in 6 different stone looking colors.  Please contact us  to discuss pricing.


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