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PVC Pool Fence Ottawa - Everything's Safe NowIn the City of Ottawa fencing is mandatory when installing a pool.  A pool fence is pretty much the same as any other fence, however there are certain specifications that have to be met when installing the fence.  A fence is a part of your pool inspection which is conducted by the City of Ottawa before filling your pool for the first time.  We ensure that your fence will pass the inspection and that you will be able to fill your pool on time and enjoy the beautiful Ottawa summer.   Please contact us or the City of Ottawa if you have any questions regarding installation procedures.  Or you can always have a look at the City of Ottawa by-law website

The most common fence types for a pool enclosure are SimTek Fences  and Iron Fences.  The reason these are the most common is that often when a person is installing a pool they are working towards their dream backyard.   However you can install any type of fence, there isn’t anything in the pool fence by-law that states you can’t use a certain type of fence.  There is a new provision within the pool enclosure by-law which states that a Ottawa chain link  fence must have a mesh size no greater that 1.5”


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