Ornamental Iron Fences



An Elegant Iron Fence – Suitable for any Ottawa Neighborhood


Ornamental iron fences are the new generation of wrought iron fences, they are a maintenance free iron fence.  With a 15 year warranty on the paint you will not have to be painting this fence.  Iron fences have several coatings to ensure rust prevention……there is first a galvanized coating, followed by an epoxy coating and then finally powder coated.

Unlike a wooden or PVC fence an iron fence provides no privacy.  An iron fence does provide security and has it’s own style from every other type of fence.  Iron fences come in several different colors from black, white, copper vein, silver vein & others depending on the product you choose

Iron fences can be combined for a unique, but tasteful look with cedar, PVC  & SimTek fences.  These combinations are not all that common, so if you wanted a fence that will stand out in your neighborhood this would be a good choice for you.

We generally only install 3 brands,  all of which have similar styles available.

Iron Eagle

*  We also fabricate & install custom iron fences & gates!


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