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Eastern White Cedar fence panels with NuvoIron inserts. The landscaping is not complete.

Custom cedar lattice panels with NuvoIron inserts in the fence panels

A fence serves a purpose…..whether it’s for privacy, to keep your dog in your yard or to keep those unwanted animals out.  A fence can also be an attractive addition to your back yard.  We have many different products and styles so your choices are unlimited.  Most people think of a fence as just a barrier, we look at it as a feature in your landscape design.  Please contact us  to discuss how we can build the fence of your dreams.

We install fences in Ottawa and all surrounding areas from Limoges to Kemptville and everything in between.







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General Fence Installation

The installation of a fence is not complicated, however sometimes conditions can make it a bit difficult at times.  Sometimes we run into digging problems (giant rocks or trees), but not to worry we are from “the rock” and have all the tools required for the job.

Determining the Fence Line

This picture shows the location of the fence posts to be installed

The post locations are marked and we’re ready to dig

Fence lines are usually pre-determined by the survey of the property.  With a copy of the survey provided we can determine where the property line is in relation to the house or other survey points.  Once the line is established we can then begin the installation process.

Digging the Fence Post Holes

The display of rocks shows just how difficult digging a post hole can be in Kanata

This was some hard digging conditions in Kanata

Digging fence post holes in Ottawa can be quite challenging as we have quite a few different ground conditions:  sand, clay, rocks or the Canadian shield.  But we’re from “the rock” and we know how to deal with these problems, it isn’t easy but it has to be done.  Our post holes are 4’ deep and the posts are set in concrete.  Post spacing & height depends on the type & style of fence being installed. Generally we wait 1-2 days for the concrete to set before installing the fence.  For the average size house the posts are installed in 1 day.

Installing the Fence

Now that the hard part it over, it’s time to put it all together.  When we’re installing a fence we have a system of steps to be completed in order to be efficient and install your fence in a reasonable amount of time.  All of our fence come with a 2 year written warranty so we are careful not to rush on the installation of your fence.  The fence installation usually only takes 1 day but can vary depending on the style of the fence you choose.

Fence Repairs

We do offer a full fence repair service from post repairs to fence panel replacement and everything in between.  Pricing on repairs will vary depending on the scope of work to be completed.  Please contact us to get an accurate quote.


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