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The combination of the cedar and the composite was definitely the right choice to this project

TimberTech Composite with Western Red Cedar

When building a deck in Ottawa be sure to follow the Ontario Building Code and that your deck is inspected by the City of Ottawa if a permit is required.  A deck can be the focal point of your backyard which gives it the wow factor.   With a great summer climate here in Ottawa, a deck will create a great atmosphere to enjoy the summer with your family & friends.

With the availability of materials here in Ottawa your options are endless.  Homeowners often get overwhelmed with all the different products and options, but not to worry we will walk you through every option and explain the pros & cons for each.  We build every kind of deck from your simple 4X8 pressure treated  BBQ pad to a multi level, 2nd story composite deck .  Prices do vary as we build every deck unique to make it your own, please contact us  to discuss your dream deck.

All decks are built to Ontario Building Code standards and proper drawings & City of Ottawa deck permits are acquired when necessary.  All decks we build come with a 2 year written warranty.

When designing a deck there are numerous factors that we take into consideration.  Firstly, would be budget……not everyone has the bankroll to support a $25,000 composite deck. Usually with a few simple shapes we can create a deck that’s unique & functional without going over your budget.  Other things that would attribute to the design of your deck would be yard space, shading, sunlight, material choice, accessories or the function of the deck.  Then we would ask you some questions in relation to the design…….how much other landscaping would you like in your backyard?, will you be getting a pergola or gazebo?, what direction is the deck facing?, have you thought about the material choices for your deck?,  will you want any benches or flower boxes? Or what will the deck be used for?

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Our deck building process and technique may vary depend on the design and type of deck that you have chosen

Designing the Deck of your Dreams

The process of building a deck starts with the design.  We can either work off of a design you provide or we can design a deck specifically for you.  We use 3D modelling software that will give you a true picture of what your new deck will look like so that there are no surprises. Once the design has been approved (and price of course) we can start the construction of your deck……….


Developing the Foundation of a Deck

The old step. We have the sod removed and the post saddles installed

The Deck Post Saddles are set and will be ready in 48 hours.

First and most important is the foundation, your deck longevity can be drastically reduced if it doesn’t have the proper footing.  We don’t recommend in any case to use deck blocks to create a floating deck, however if that’s what you want we will build it for you as we have done in the past.  The number and size of the concrete pillars of your will have several determining factors such as  the load bearing capacity of the soil (different soils have different capacities) and the size of the deck.  Generally speaking concrete pillars are 10” wide and 5’ deep.  Once the pillars are installed we wait for the concrete to cure for at least 48 hours.

*  If your deck does require a permit an inspection by the City of Ottawa is required before the framing can begin


Deck Framing – Stronger is always Better

Deck framing - posts, ledger & beam. This shows how the main structure of the deck is installed

The framing for the deck is almost complete in this image

Now that the hard part is over it’s time to put all the pieces together (this process may vary depending on design).  The frame of the deck is also just as important as the foundation, a properly built frame should last as long as the materials allow.  First we install the ledger board which will determine the height of the deck, then the beam (s).  The beam size will be determined depending on the dimensions of the deck, determining factors could be spacing of the concrete piers and the span of the joists.  Next we install the joists which are spaced at no more than 16” o/c.  We always double the rim joists as it does make the deck stronger as well as make the railings stronger.

*  If your deck requires a permit the City of Ottawa is required to do an inspection to be sure that the frame meets the Ontario Building Code


Completing the Deck Build

A view from the upper deck showing the railing and post lights

Another Deck Project Complete7


After all the deck framing is complete we are ready to put on the finishing touches.  This part of the process can take some time depending on how much detail work is required to complete the design.  Some people choose different features such as flower boxes, privacy screen, benches or railings.  Once the finishing is complete we will do a final clean up and you’re all set to enjoy your new deck in our beautiful Ottawa summer!

*  If you do have a deck permit the City of Ottawa requires one last inspection for safety.  They will inspect the railings, steps and ensure the deck is safe.


Deck Staining

Wooden decks can be stained.  A deck usually isn’t ready for stain immediately after the installation is complete.  We do have a special moisture tester to ensure that the wood is at the proper moisture level of 17% – 20%.

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