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Landscaping is a very important part of the completion of your backyard that maintain your fence and deck belong in its Ottawa environment.   In landscaping your backyard we take care of everything from design, choice of materials and of course the construction.  We do the interlock, flowerbeds, tree planting and sod.  We only supply quality plants purchased from a nursery which provides a warranty on their product.  Here in the Ottawa Valley we have numerous nurseries to choose from and the varieties are endless to choose from, there’s always the right plant for you.  All our landscaping installations come with a 3 year written guarantee so that your landscape will be there forever for you to enjoy.


Our process starts with design.  Every project is unique, not only in materials but elevations are usually a little different.  We will sit down with you and go over every aspect of the proposal from material choices, design options and the installation process.  One a design has been approved and the proposal accepted we will then schedule a date to start your project.

The next step would be to do all the hardscape – interlock & concrete.  Designs are always re-visited to ensure that no changes have been made to the original design.  The hardscape does require excavation so things may get a little messy in the process but not to worry we are just steps away from making everything beautiful again.  Once excavation is complete we prepare the base (granular A) for our stone masons to do their magic.

After the stone is laid we prepare the flower beds and other accessories, things will be coming together at a more rapid pace a this point.

Once the flower beds are prepared we can plant the trees and flowers while putting the finishing touches on everything.

Once you are happy with the completed project, we are finished!

*Process may vary depending on design*


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