Why so some Iron Fences look dated and others always seen New?

The centered iron gate give this yard a balanced feel

Iron Eagle Iron Pool Fencing

Well the obvious answer to this fencing question would be because of the quality of the product and the materials used to develop the product.

The more specific answer is how the metal is finished……is it painted or powder coated?  The method in which the fence is painted makes a huge difference in how long it will look new.  Some manufacturers use paint to finish which is less durable and doesn’t hold up as well in a harsh Ottawa climate.  Most manufacturers who use paint to finish their fences normally only offer a 10 year warranty at best.

Powder Coat…….What’s That?  Powder coat is a painting process in which the fence is sprayed with a tinted powder and then baked in the oven to result in a long lasting durable coating.  Quite often fence manufacturers will use multiple layers, like Ameristar’s fences for example have a galvanized coating, an epoxy coating and then a powder coating on top of that.  With all these coats you can be assured that this fence will hold up to its 25 year warranty.


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